10 Ways to Get Out of the Pandemic Funk

When I think of spring this year, I have this picture in my mind. We are walking, one by one, out of a dark cave. Hands cupped over our eyes to shield the bright sun, we emerge disheveled & unsure. Majority of us are in oversized sweatpants and pajamas. (ok some of us have a nice shirt on for zoom calls) But we are tired, unsocialized, and feeling a mix of excitement & anxiety that the world is opening back up. 

It’s been over a year of hibernation. We look around and although it’s the same world, it’s very different. Life has changed. There are some who never left. They’ve hit a new level of exhaustion we didn’t know existed. As happy as we are to escape, we immediately grow uneasy. Some of us haven’t worn “real clothes” in months, we haven’t seen friends in a long time. Can we even see them now? We tense up from all the unknowns. We feel uncomfortable in our own skin. The discomfort whispers “you can’t do this, go back” and we freeze in our tracks.

If you can relate with this picture, covid has undoubtedly pushed its way into many aspects of your life.  As a result, we are experiencing a spring like never before. Fear creeps in daily. The last year has been down right traumatizing.  As hard as it feels, remember this, you are not alone. These changes didn’t happen overnight, it’s been over a year of masks, isolation, and restrictions that have wedged their way between us and our old life. 

 Clearly, it’s time to make changes. Don’t step backwards! Try to focus on putting one foot in front of the other. Whether you want to lose weight or incorporate an active lifestyle, just take small steps – tangible, applicable baby steps. You – can – do – it! Be gentle with yourself, start slow. Move a little more in the right direction every day, rest assured, you will make it happen.  I believe in you.

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Buy 1-2 new outfits to feel more comfortable
Don’t torture yourself with clothes that don’t fit. You’re more likely to get up and get moving if you aren’t spending every second adjusting uncomfortable clothes.
Trash your wornout “pandemic outfit”
The old sweatpants, baggy shirt, busted looking pajama pants, you know the outfit I’m talkin about - let. it. Goooo! Better yet, have a bonfire and burn them.
Take walks every single day
Walking is one of the most underutilized ways to reduce stress, aid in digestion and improve overall health. Start small and add a little more each day.
Easy on the caffeine
Caffeine suppresses your appetite which has a negative trickle down effect - over eating later in the day, sugar spikes and crashes in energy. It can also put you in a deeper exhaustion if used when you're already tired.
Build a morning routine
Pick three positive ways to start the day. Such as: Drink a glass of water upon waking up Write or say aloud 3 things you are grateful for Move your body - jump, stretch, dance; you won’t even need that coffee
Get your blood pumping
Mini workout, walk, jog, dance, no movement is too small. This can help boost serotonin and help you feel great!
Hack your happiness chemicals
Pet a dog, get some sun, hug someone for more than 15 seconds, (probably a solid plan to pick someone you know).
Take up an old hobby/activity you used to love
Hike, paint, sing, what is something you haven’t done in a while that you used to love? Give it a try.
Activate your parasympathetic nervous systems
Relax those shoulders away from your ears, meditate, get a gentle massage, practice mindful breathing - this system is responsible for relaxing and digesting. We need this downtime to combat stress.
Crush your sleep.
This is a non-negotiable point. If you are struggling to lose weight, feeling stressed out, anything feels off - this is where you want to start.
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