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October 2020

What service/program do you offer?

I offer membership programs for pre-teens and teens, 1 on 1 health coaching for all ages and I also have drop in offers to all of my workshops!  

Who benefits the most from your services/program?

 The kids because I not only teach them how to include healthier foods but I teach them WHY.  They love getting creative in the kitchen and I thrive on seeing what they’ve made after our sessions.

Where your passion to help others come from?

 Growing up, I didn’t know how to fuel my body correctly. So by the time I started “adulting,” I was hit with chronic illness, depression, and unhealthy weight gain.

It wasn’t until my late 20s that I started to really understand how to fuel myself with the right nutrition and habits to ignite my life – and everything changed.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

 Oh, this is a tough one!!!  Aside from making money appear at a snap, I’d love for my house to clean itself.  I love cooking and playing and cooking with my kids but it all comes at a price.  Hours of cleaning after…

What is your favorite way to de-stress?

EXERCISE!  A 30 min workout can change my mindset from crappy to happy!

 What is one habit you have implemented or adopted that has helped you?

Meal prepping.  Having healthy foods prepped and ready to eat makes life so much easier. 

What piece of advice/insight might you offer to someone reading this? (life, health, fitness – any topic you want)

Don’t except that you are just a low energy person, that you get terrible headaches, that you can’t lose weight or that you have high cholesterol…figure it out.  Find a coach to help you figure it out.  So many people around me in my day to day life say they have tried everything and nothing works.  So many times, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can turn things around.  I have personally healed myself, my clients and even my own husband through lifestyle and nutrition.  Don’t settle!

 What is the best way to reach out to learn more about your offerings?

hello@melanielyle.com, find me on social @melanielylewellness or check out my website melanielyle.com