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Welcome! My name is Jenn Zedaker.  Fitness is about strength, agility, mobility, and daily movement. Sure, a lot of us want to lose weight and improve our body composition but that’s a very small piece of the overall picture of our health. When I started my fitness journey  I felt like the only thing I should be doing was running, crunches and eating kale; I was miserable! Everything was lose weight, get a bikini body! I wanted to be able to wear a bikini again but I didn’t want someone else telling me what my goals should be. I was already hard on myself. I wanted someone to help me know what kind of exercise to do, how to do it properly, and help me stick to it. I had no idea what I was doing. I always felt guilty and ashamed. It was a constant state of “I want to be and look like someone else”. Even if that “someone else” is our former self, it’s not nurturing our current self.

After years and years of ups and downs, I finally found methods that worked for me. It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t easy, but I fumbled my way through. Check out my blog for funny stories and experiences! As I lost my weight I found people asking me for help. I quickly learned, just because something worked for me, didn’t mean it was going to work for them. The drive to help others grew stronger and stronger. It wasn’t long before my nose was in my books and learning everything I could; and there they stay. an average of 5-10 hours a week learning and studying exercise, nutrition, and never-ending wellness concepts. Always looking for the science and efficacy. Current certifications/specializations include ACE Personal Trainer, GGS pre/post-natal, and Functional Nutrition and Metabolism, Brookbook Institute Corrective Exercise, Rehab U Movement Optimization,  & more. No matter how much I learn I will forever be a student.

Fun Facts:

  • My name rhymes so when asked for my full name I say, Jennifer, last name Zedaker, to break it up.
  • Mom to three kids I am absolute crazy about, who also make me crazy. 
  • Married my high school sweetheart. We just celebrated “a lot of years” married. (I keep forgetting to update the year, so… good solution right??)
  • Favorite animal is an anteater because when I was a kid I felt bad for them. Everyone always picked dogs, cats and turtles. This pretty much sums up my personality (empath!).
  • Lactose intolerant.
  • Ahole intolerant.
  • I live to cook (and eat) and decorate around the holidays. My inner dork shines bright. 😀 
  • Exercise and nutrition saved my life.
  • Love to snowboard but dislike the cold weather.
  • Have A.D.D. and am dyslexic – A healthy, active lifestyle helps me to embrace them both.

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