Transform Your Wellness Goals!

Challenges are the perfect time to kickstart wellness goals you’ve been wanting to focus on. The only downside is they don’t last. Thats what makes this one so unique! A challenge with a plan! This is just the start to discovering what you love about health and wellness. Not only can you repeat this challenge, you can join the membership! After the challenge, you’ll have the option to keep the plethora of benefits like support, additional programs and more challenges in the future like our fun, beachy themed summertime “Fineapple Challenge”. But first, join us for our Reset & Replenish 14-day challenge! 

Includes one-month private membership to Jenn’s Online coaching platform “The Methods That Matter”.-

What's Included?

This holistic 14-day challenge is built as a course to help guide, plan and execute your 14 day challenge. It’s designed to revitalize, and kick start your wellness journey! Whether you are just starting out, want a fun boost, or are feeling overwhelmed – this is a gentle yet effective approach!

Challenge Features:

  • What is Detoxing & How to Support Your Body’s Super Powers – detoxification systems
  • 10 Ways to Support Daily Detoxing (without expensive supplements or cleanses)
  • 30 Ways to Reduce Daily Toxins – 15 Ways to Invest & 15 Totally Free Ways!
  • 21+ Replenishing Gluten Free Recipes – “Boards & Bowls Recipe” eBook – 21 Recipes!
  • 5 Different Types of Exercise (Movements) Introduced – somatic, mobility, lymphatic, Jenn’s Daily Fundamentals and 1 surprise 🙂 
  • Video Library with Tutorials & Demos
  •  Daily Check-in Videos to Track Your Progress & Feedback
  • Energy Work Introduction – Meditation, Chakras, sound healing, reiki and more
  • 50+ Page PDF Workbook (printer friendly)
  • 30 Day Accountability & Support Online Community (The Methods That Matters Membership – Coach Jenn’s Women’s Online Platform)
  • BONUS! All Recipes are gluten free. If you are recently GF or wanted to try it, this is a great time, Please, please be sure to read my GF section in the PDF Workbook BEFORE you jump in 🙂 

Challenge +

Challenge + Weekly Small Group Calls
$ 129
One-Time Payment
  • 50+ page Reset & Replenish PDF Guide
  • Includes 1 month membership
  • Weekly Small Group Call
  • Video tutorials & lessons
    (Majority less than 5 minutes)
  • Workout Demos & Programming
    (always less than 15 min)
  • 20+ Fresh, easy delicious Recipes
  • Discounts for members on future challenges, programs and 1:1 coaching
  • Private Online Community Platform

Includes 1 month membership:

This journey is meant to introduce simple, effective approaches to your health without the heavy price tag or fear tactics. The entire purpose of this format is to help support you while supporting you along the way. This is about introductions and exploring while learning what works for you. Sort of like the old saying “just dipping your toes in the water”. You are experimenting with concepts and movements without having to figure it all out on your own. Learn about new modalities and see if you like them! It’s all about discovering what you love with a Coach by your side to help.

It's not about the time or money.
We make the time for what we want.
We invest the money for what we need.
It's about investing in what we believe in.