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Rebuilding takes time & patience. Consistency takes practice. Strength takes challenging yourself rep after rep.  Discipline means sticking to it until it becomes a habit.  Step by step, day by day, work towards creating a lifestyle that feels easy and natural;  a lifestyle where your not forcing “healthy” habits down your own throat.

 A true connection starts when you acknowledge what your body needs and you learn to take care of yourself. The beautiful part is, there’s no one way to do it. No two bodies are identical. But there are many gimmicks and ways to be fooled while creating this lifestyle.  Request a free consultation to see how coaching can help you tune in and feel your best – all hype, none sense & false info not included.  

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Check out the descriptions. It's all in the details. All programs are custom built. Not all options are shown online. Schedule a free consult to learn more.

Nutrition Coaching

Feel empowered about your meals. Building a plate with complete confidence is hands down life changing. Bust myths like carbs make you fat, everyone should be intermittent fasting+

Strength Training

Every exercise program, regardless of goal, starts with strength. Studies show, the most common theme in healthy individuals is a healthy muscular skeletal system!

Free Consultation

Share your goals, what you've tried in the past, what you like & don't like, this time is all about you. Let's find out what will help support you and guide you best.

Jenn Zedaker

Women's Wellness Coach
Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

Upcoming Event! Friday July 29th!

Join us for an all ladies outing to learn how to paddleboard. 6-8pm - includes mini land lesson and board rental. Special small group class.

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