Hawk's Eye View

A Self-Paced Program
designed with you in mind!

Legend of the Hawk

According to legends, a visit from a hawk represents a time in our life where we must step back and take a look at the bigger picture. Maybe we have a choice to make. Maybe we need to keep perspective while facing challenges in life. Either way, the universe is saying, its ok, take a deep breath and step back. You can do this. You’re on the path, the choice is yours, which path will you choose? This 22-day program was inspired by that concept. Taking the time to step back, breathe and ask yourself, what do I need? Every day we have two options, listen to our body or ignore our needs. 

This membership is for those with a calling to feel more, do more & create more. We long to move away from society standards and painful messages we’ve learned overtime. These ideas and concepts do not fit our narrative or free-spirited thinking. No, that will not due. We want to be more than hungry and enjoy more than restricting fat free snacks & soul-crushing cardio workouts … 

How it works.

Majority of the woman who sign up for a wellness program know exactly what they want. The goal is clear. How they get to the goal, that’s where it gets muddy. This is what makes accountability, guidance and support key in learning how to create and see goals through. This is the role of your coach, the tools provided and the habits you incorporate overtime based on your needs

 This program helps you find a soft landing. The reality is, majority of us are surviving, not thriving. We are not ready to take on goals that require time, discipline and mental toughness straight out the gate. Exhaustion, time and lack of direction are probably just a few of the challenges you face. This program will have you exploring your daily life through gentle, effective movement, powerful mind-body connection work and a fun workbook to guide you. By the end of the 22 days you will have a clear plan for where you want to spend your time and energy to reach your goals.

About 6 years ago, I started a journey of healing and courage. This hawk tattoo celebrates the strength and beauty of that journey. My intuition to create this program grew as I learned to listen to my own mind, body and spirit. Wellness isn’t about perfect programs or routines. Life is about grace & resilience – mind, body and spirit – adapting and growing with the ebbs and flows of life. This program has been built from years of dedication to nutrition, exercise, and women’s health. I know I have been led to share this message. To build safety and community while you learn and lean into “The Methods That Matter.” The beautiful, ironic part is only you can decide what those methods are. I welcome you to come learn and explore with me. Find the methods that matter to you.

Intuition & Intentions

"Wellness isn't about perfect programs or routines; it's about resilience - mind, body and spirit - adapting and growing with the ebbs and flows of life."

Do you see it?

Sharing your newfound awareness can be exciting, but not everyone around you will understand. In fact, you may notice some people feel annoyed by your happiness. It can be hard feeling alone when your growth feels positive. That’s ok, it means they aren’t where you are. Its ok.  This is where one of the many benefits of joining “The Methods That Matter” Membership helps support you. An online platform, to connect to women who are on the same journey as you, just different paths. The platform is safely monitored and interactive supports disconnecting to social media. This means support from like-minded women exploring, moving, laughing and healing with you. That’s enjoying the journey. Also, the “do you see it” refers to the stegosaurus cloud. I took a picture of it in pure excitement. 🙂 It’s all about perspective xo